Telegram Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Telegram is a famous messaging app and a cross-platform which provides encryption and privacy features. The app is available for Android, iOS, Windows, etc., and this can also be accessed through a web browser. It offers amazing messaging services without having any ties up with other popular apps like Facebook and WhatsApp. Also, there is no limit on the media size to be shared.

There is no doubt that it is popular for its services, but many people still have doubts regarding its features. These doubts are considered the common Telegram FAQ, which is a basic query but is important as it relates to its main features. 

If you want to switch to any other messaging app, then it would be better to delete the Telegram account before going. Deleting your Telegram account and all the data can be possible only through the web. This will work on any mobile browser or works on a desktop also.

First, go to the My Telegram web portal, and after entering your Telegram mobile number here, you’ll get a confirmation code. After entering the code in the confirmation box received via Telegram, sign in and click the delete account link. A reason would be asked for leaving the app; after selecting, click on yes, delete my account, and you are done. 

How do you search for a group on Telegram?

Telegram also gives the amazing feature of joining private or public groups. This is because many groups are available on the app, containing thousands of users. Now how to join these groups is one of the most asked Telegram FAQ. 

Joining these groups is not difficult, and you can find these on windows as well as mobile phones. First, launch the app; you’ll get the search box at the top right corner. Type the group’s or channel’s name or any other description you want to find. The results are shown there; as per your search, find the group you want and join. 

How to join the Telegram group?

Telegram is a social app and is a highly used messaging app where you can join various groups. The messaging services are already good in the app, but the feature of joining private or public groups is also amazing. You can join the group on Telegram by following just simple steps.

Firstly, go to the Telegram app and hit the search bar, which shows at the top right corner of the screen. After that, write the content or group name you want to join. Then, among several results based on your search, find the group you want and click on the join button, and you are done.

How to add people on Telegram?

On joining the Telegram app, your contacts are synced to it, and you can see your contacts list with a Telegram account. You can add people on Telegram in different ways. For example, inviting your contacts can ask them to join the app and add you. You can also search for people with their usernames and add them.

Another way of adding people is to add people nearby on the app. There is an option of adding people nearby; this will show the list of the people who are also using this feature and are nearby. This feature will use your location and then show the list as per your location.

How to use Telegram without a phone number?

Telegram is considered a safe and secure messaging platform. But still, if you don’t want to give Telegram your phone number, this can be done. There are various options for a temporary phone number, and you can use Google voice. 

First, go to Google and create a new account if needed, then start navigating Google voice and select a mobile number. Then you can register that Google voice number with the Telegram app, and a confirmation code will be sent to you. You are done by using that code in the Telegram app and confirming the account. 

Does Telegram require a phone number?

The account on Telegram is created by using a phone number. You can use your old or new phone number to create your account. You can use the Google voice feature to get a temporary number if you don’t want to use a phone number.

 This feature will not give Telegram your number, but this can be done temporarily. Creating an account with a valid phone number and accessing all the app’s features is better.

Does Telegram show your number?

When signing up for the app, you need to allow the app to access your phone number and contacts. The app does not show your phone number to anyone, but it only shows your contacts on Telegram. 

Your number can be shown only in a few cases, which can be when you give your username to anyone. When you give your phone number to anyone or when your synced contacts join the Telegram app.

How to make Telegram stickers?

Along with interesting features, Telegram also gives the feature of creating Telegram stickers. Image editing software is needed for creating PNG files. The stickers are required to be in PPNG files having a transparent background. These stickers should be size 512X512 pixels and should not include copyright material like any images from popular media.

How to clear Telegram?

Telegram allows you to clear the messages sent and received both from your device and from another person’s device. You can delete some selected messages and the entire chat, which will never be shown to you once deleted from the devices.

You just need to tap on the person’s chat that you want to clear and get two options. If you want to delete it just from your device, then choose to delete it for me. If you want to delete it from another person’s device, then choose to delete it for everyone.

How to find channels on Telegram?

To find channels on the app, you must launch the app on your device and click on the option in the search bar. Then, type the channel name you want to join there, and numerous results related to your search will be shown there.

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