Snapchat Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Snapchat – Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Snapchat is a popular social media app that is a great entertainment source. It is a combination of features of messaging and taking pictures and videos. Here you can chat with your friends and send them pictures and videos, which are called here as snaps. 

The camera is not simple but offers the option of adding more filters and other effects. Teenagers know about its features, but many have queries about its use. The Snapchat FAQ asked by people is usually very simple yet important as these are related to its main features

What does the X mean on snapchat?

Snapchat always brings many amazing features, including filters, bit emojis and numerous other things. You can have endless conversations with your friends, either personally or in groups. Many people often have a query that an X sign is shown in front of the conversations. 

There can be two reasons for this X sign showing in front of your friend’s name. One can be that your friend has removed you or blocked you from their list. The second reason could be that you remove or block them from your friend list. In both situations, this means that you both are no longer friends with each other.

What is support code c14a on snapchat?

Along with so many features, sometimes some minor errors occur in snapchat. One of these most common errors is the c14a code, which occurs because of a snapchat glitch. 

The main reason for this error occurs when a new update is installed in the app. This can be solved when you update the app from the play store or App store. If still the error is not resolved, you can also try out another option of clearing the cached data in your phone.

What does the eye emoji mean on my snapchat story?

One of the most common Snapchat FAQs asked about the users is its story-related features. The app offers the amazing feature of posting a story, which can be posted privately or publically. 

When you post a story, an eye emoji reflects, representing how many people have watched the story. This is known as Story Rewatch Indicator and shows how many friends have watched it. Just select your posted story and tap the eye icon. 

What does received mean on snapchat?

The messaging or chatting features of snapchat are very different from other apps. These features are highly advanced and interesting. Whenever you receive any snap or chat from your friend, a square is shown in front of your friend’s name. This represents the received feature of it and is denoted with an icon. 

These icons or symbols are of different colours and indicate different things. For example, the red square shows that a photo or video is received without audio. The blue square indicates that a text is received in the chat. The purple square represents a snap or set of snaps received with audio.

What does WSP mean on snapchat?

WSP is an acronym used on various social media platforms. For example, users on snapchat usually keep creating new slang terms. It is used in chats, meaning “what’s up?” and is the most common abbreviation used by snapchat users. 

This is used as a greeting which is given through text messages. The main reason to ask this is to know how the person has been doing. For example, this is most commonly used with your friends to ask about them having a hangout. 

How to make a new snapchat after being banned?

The Play store and the App store offer Snapchat application access. This is considered an amazing app that offers various features for chatting and sending multimedia to your friends in one place. 

In case your old snapchat account is banned, and you want to make a new one, then that can be possible in some simple steps. First, you need to uninstall your snapchat app and download and install it again. Then create a new Gmail account and sign up for it. After that, make a new snapchat account and sign up to it with a new Gmail id. 

What does ATP mean in snapchat?

Many abbreviations or slang are being used on snapchat, and many people find these tricky to use. For example, the slang ATP stands for “Answer the Phone”, which is used on snapchat to tell the person to answer or pick up the voice or video call. This is also used to tell them that you will call them and want to talk to them so that they join the conversation timely.

How to delete a cameo selfie on snapchat?

Snapchat offers a very different and unique feature known as the cameo selfie. These are the GIFs used very much on snapchat. By using this, you can paste your head or face over a looping video. In order to delete this cameo selfie, just tap on your bitmoji and click on the settings. There you got an option to clear your cameo selfie, and you have successfully deleted the selfie. 

How to see how many friends you have on snapchat?

Many people face this problem that they do not know how they will see how many friends they have on their snapchat. You can see this easily with just some steps. First, you must go to your profile and get to the snap map option. Under the image of the snap map, you get an option of the current number of friends, and there you can know about your friend list.

What are the eyes on snapchat stories?

Snapchat allows you to create or post your stories that your friends can view, and it remains for 24 hours. When you post the story, there pops up a sign of eye made on your story. When you tap on that icon, you’ll come to know how many friends of you have seen the story. This is specifically known as Story Rewatch Indicator. 

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